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Intel has released patches for Thread Director thread scheduler in Linux, improving performance 3% to 14%

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Intel has released (https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/[email protected]/) a series of patches for Thread Director thread scheduler in Linux. Updates for virtualization technology improve the performance of virtual machines running on Intel hybrid platforms and modern processors (with P and E cores) from 3% to 14% (depending on the task at hand).

The patches can help improve the performance of Linux-based systems that are used to run games on a Windows client virtual machine as a cloud gaming solution. The goal of the new patch set is to enable ITD-based scheduling logic in the guest system to better schedule tasks on Intel's hybrid platforms.

The Intel team continues to refine support for Intel Thread Director virtualization in Linux and it is likely that these patches will be included in new versions of Linux kernels to improve performance with Intel Core hybrid processors.


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