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Diagonal placement of information on the screen

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On systems with an X server, using the xrandr utility, you can organize the placement of information on a monitor screen mounted not only horizontally or vertically, but also at an arbitrary angle.

▪️ For example, you can rotate the monitor 45 degrees:

xrandr --output HDMI-3 --transform 0.707106781186548,-0.707106781186548,0,0.707106781186548,0.707106781186548,0,0,0,1

▪️ or 22 degrees:

xrandr --output HDMI-3 --transform 0.927183854566787,-0.374606593415912,0,0.374606593415912,0.927183854566787,0,0,0,1

The values specified in the "--transform" parameter are calculated using the formula
"cos(x),-sin(x),shift_left,sin(x),cos(x),shift_up,0,0,1", where "x" is the required rotation angle.



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