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Bash script for Backups and sending to AWS S3

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it's example of script to do backups and sending to aws s3.


# AWS Settings

# Database parameters

# The path to the folder to be backed up

# Name of the S3 bucket and path to the folder inside the bucket

# Create a backup folder with the current date and time
BACKUP_FOLDER="$(date +'%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S') (FULL)"
mkdir -p "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER"

# Archive the backup folder
cd "$(dirname "$SOURCE_DIR")" || exit
tar -zcvf "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER/$(basename "$SOURCE_DIR").tar.gz" "$(basename "$SOURCE_DIR")"

# Dump the database
mysqldump -u"$DB_USER" -p"$DB_PASSWORD" -h "$DB_HOST" -P "$DB_PORT" "$DB_NAME" > "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER/$DB_NAME.sql"

# Copy archive and database dump to S3
aws s3 cp "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER/$(basename "$SOURCE_DIR").tar.gz" "s3://$S3_BUCKET/$S3_FOLDER/$BACKUP_FOLDER/"
aws s3 cp "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER/$DB_NAME.sql" "s3://$S3_BUCKET/$S3_FOLDER/$BACKUP_FOLDER/"

# Clear the temporary folder
rm -rf "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER"

you can change it.
for example i need to exclude some dir in my path

cd "$(dirname "$SOURCE_DIR")" || exit
tar -zcvf "/tmp/$BACKUP_FOLDER/$(basename "$SOURCE_DIR").tar.gz" --exclude='wp-content/uploads' --exclude='wp-content/backups-dup-lite' "$(basename "$SOURCE_DIR")"
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